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This game console built in 30000/40000 Games, support 4K TV. Support 29 languages, include English/Russian etc. Equipped with two / Four 2.4G gamepad, support up to 1-4 Player at the same time, enjoy the game on the sofa with your family or friends.




1) Don't support Controller upgrade
2) No host wake-up function,
3) Don't support Fitness ring
4) No camera
5) No infrared function,
6) No NFC function
7) Can't play games : Longlu Silent, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Hollow Knight

Wireless Controller for Switch

Upgraded Joycon controller has a full set of buttons, fastly and responsive. Perfect replacement for the original Switch controllers compatible with Switch/OLED. The controller can install on the grip stand as a switch controller or attach to the console for use in handheld mode, and also can use independently in each hand, or enjoy group games with friends.

Stable Connection & Support Wireless

This controller remote is easy and fast to connect, and a stable signal via a wireless connection automatically reconnects, without delay and drift, with strong anti-interference ability. Support the cable connection by sliding the controller onto the switch console. If the switch controller is not powered, the console charges the controller when the console is wired.

Built-in Vibration

It supports 6 Gyro axis and dual motors vibration functions, let's us enjoy a real and immersive gaming experience. All of controller is capable of extremely precise speed,position,and accurate control, start/stop motion.

Comfortable to Hold & Long Playing Time

The versatile controller offers multiple stimulating new ways for players, has also a comfortable grip and ergonomic design, without any pain after playing for a few hours. 600mAh built-in battery in each controller provides 30 hours of a gaming session.

Bulit-in 6-Axis Gyriscope

Motion sensing function via built-in 6-Axis Gyro in each controller, making independent left and right motion control possible, better gaming experience.

Ergonomic Design

The gamepad is designed with 3D rocker, 360° high precision. Comfortable cross key design for more flexible and accurate steering! Ergonomic grip, Non-slip texture, matte feel, long-term grip is not tired. This controller-style joy pad provides the ultimate control for your favorite games. Positioning, sensitivity and accuracy are high.

The connection and charging method of the controller and the console:

How to insert the controller into the Switch console: Insert the left and right handles on the left and right rails of the SWITCH console respectively. After inserting them in place, you will hear a locking sound (there is also a prompt on the screen). After the handle is inserted into the console, the console will automatically connect with the handle. Connect and identify handle insertion.

To disconnect the Bluetooth connection and connect back to the Bluetooth:

In the Bluetooth connection state of the handle, if you want to disconnect the current connection, you can briefly press the sync button on the guide rail to disconnect the Bluetooth connection of the handle, and the handle goes to sleep. Press and hold the sync button on the handle for 3 seconds, and you will see the Player LED lights flash. Press any button on the handle (except the 3D button) to reactivate the handle and reconnect to the Bluetooth connection state.

Bluetooth connection:

Unplug the two handles from the host (press the rail lock button before unplugging the handle). After unplugging, the handle automatically enters the Bluetooth connection mode. When the Bluetooth is connected, the internal motor of the handle will vibrate, and the four player LED light will stop flash and light up the LED lights according to the number (the number of lights and the position of the lights indicate the number of the controller channel corresponding to the Bluetooth connection), and the Console letters on the controller icon on the host screen turn into four small squares to indicate the current four LEDs of the Bluetooth connection handle, the small green squares are the same as the corresponding player handle number lights. After the Bluetooth connection is OK, you can use the handle to perform related game operations. The Bluetooth receiving distance is normally 8~10 meters.

Product List:

2 x Left & Right Controller
1 x Retail box
1 x Wrist Strap(Optional)



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