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Nubia RedMagic Double Blade Gamepad


Introducing the Nubia RedMagic Double Blade Gamepad gaming controller, a versatile and innovative solution for all your gaming needs.



1.Can be separated and combined, single or double usage

Two controllers, can be separated into single-handed left controller, or combined into a dual-handed controller.

2.Providing cooling and magnetic charging, freeing up space

The left and right controllers can be completely separated, with no obstruction in the middle, allowing for optional cooling or wireless charging.

3.Upgraded Hall Effect joystick accessories, no drift

Hall Effect joystick's electromagnetic induction prevents drift from the source, algorithmically enhanced for smoother, more precise, and durable control.

4.Hall Effect dual-mode triggers for accurate shooting

Customizable dead zones, switchable modes; Hall Effect sensors with 256-level smooth sensing.

Quick trigger mode can also be activated, saving effort and time.

5.5 million micro-switch clicks, refreshing tactile feedback

Esports-grade button configuration, providing a console gaming experience on a mobile controller.

6.6 accessory combination schemes, customizable to your liking

Different games have different needs, different scenes have different habits, so you can mix and match as you like.

7.One charging cable charges both simultaneously, for efficiency

The left and right controllers are connected via Pogo pins, requiring only one Type-C cable to charge both simultaneously, allowing for a full day of gaming on a single charge.

8.4 RGB lights surround, with real-time color changes to dazzle the eyes, making it a sparkling controller.

9.Handle made of TPR65° rubber material with laser pattern treatment on the surface, smooth and minimalist lines, comfortable and stable grip.

10.Bluetooth connection, compact wireless controller, easy to carry.

11.Flexible configuration, customizable back keys, free operation.

12.Supports Xbox and Switch key value interchange.

13.App adjustable parameters.


Supported platform: Android 8.0 or above

Connection method: Bluetooth

Compatible device length: width 68mm-95mm, thickness less than or equal to 12.5mm

Supported games: Android native games, emulator games, cloud games



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