EU STOCK WalkingPad R1 Pro Truly Foldable Treadmilles Speed 0.5-10Km/H Running Walking 2in1 Weight Capacity 110KG For Home Xiaomi Ecosystem

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Frequently Asked Questions about WalkingPad R1 Pro Q: How to set it up? A: You may just unfold it and plug in to use it. No need of extra installation. Q: Can I run on the WalkingPad R1 Pro? A: Yes, when you put up the handrail, you can run up to 10km/h. Q: Does this WalkingPad R1 Pro track activity? A: Yes, it has a display screen on the head bar like the the A1. You can track time, distance, instant speed, calories burned and steps.
Driving Force:Electric
Heart Rate Test:Without

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1>WalkingPad R1Pro has passed strict quality testing standards and obtained more than 15 national certifications, such as CE,EAC,FCC,ETL,CB,RoHS,REACH,PAHs,PSE,MIC,KC,KCC,,SAA,etc, our products are of high quality and remarkable endurance. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with domestic companies and overseas distributors, and do drop shipping for our client.2>WalkingPad Tech Support Team will help you take care of your home fitness equipment. We have cooperated with a 3rd party repair service center in Russia and USA, our trustful technicians and customer service are dedicated to helping individuals and commercial clients 24/7. Just send any questions to us. We'd love to offer help on repairing or maintaining products. Our customers have a 1-year free warranty from the date of receiving products.The warranty address is Москва, Розанова 10 строение 1, главный подъезд, 2 этаж, phone number: 8 (499) 380-83-59Mon-Fri (working day) 09:30-18:00 (Moscow time)3>Now we have Russia/USA/ES warehouse, our clients can enjoy fast shipping service freely! Our clients from Russia/USA/ES can receive products in 7 days and we pay the tax and VAT by ourselves, clients don't pay the tax and VAT, we consider more for our clients all over the world.4>We develop WalkingPad R1Pro into a corresponding version for different countries, such as Russia/Japan/USA/Europe version. The instructions are translated into the local language and the corresponding power plug is configured. In the future, more versions will be developed. Attention, please!

FAQ & Warranty

Q:How fast does R1 Pro go?A:Up to 10km/hr or 6.21mi/hr.Q:How to unlock the limit speed to 10km/hr?A:Walk on walkingpad over 1km, then the speed can be unlocked automatically, this design is used to protect novicesQ:Why can't I switch to A mode when the armrest is upright?A:R1 has two control modes, M mode is manual mode, which can be controlled by the remote control, and supports two exercise modes: walking and running; A mode is automatic mode, and the speed can be adjusted freely according to the athlete's body position. The A movement mode only supports walking, that is, the armrest is lowered into the form of walking machine.Q:Do I need to insert a safety lock when using the treadmill?A:Yes, the safety lock is used to ensure personal safety.Q:What App can be connected to the  R1 Pro?A: KS Fit App can be used to connect via bluetooth. Q: Why is there one scar on the belt?A: Every belt of treadmill has the junction, it is normal condition, not quality problem.Q:How to operate when the remote control can't work?A:When switching on the R1 Pro, press the mode switch button on remote control in 5 seconds, then it will be matched with your R1 Pro!Q:What can I expect from WalkingPad warranty-wise?A:15 days easy local return. One year free warranty, three year maintenance; If something is wrong, we will help you replace or fix the unit free of charge.Q:Why not contain battery and What is the number of battery in the remote controller?A:Since international railway transportation forbid goods with batteries, we have to remove the battery from the remote control, the number of battery is CR2032, please understand and pay attention.