Joystick For PS4 Wireless Bluetooth-compatib Controller For Sony Gamepad/Pro/Slim/PC/Ipad For PS4 Controller

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Q:How to turn on the Bluetooth function?

A:Hold down the share button then press the home button hold until the light flashing quickly.

Q:How to connect the gamepad to the computer?

A:You need to download the driver of the gamepad on your computer, which is the same as the driver of the Sony gamepad.

Q:Can the controller be used for all games in PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim/devices?

A:Yes, it is exactly the same as the PS4 controller of Sony brand, and all games of the PS4 series can be used.

Support Bluetooth Connection for PS4

This Wireless game controller support Bluetooth function, with vibration. Not Original , this is OEM products same as the Original quality. This controller is NOT ONLY compatible for PS4. It can work with PS3 console and PC, need to keep cable connect it. When using the controller for the first time, connect the cable for PS4, press the round button in the middle of the controller, then remove the cable. Afterwards, you can just press the round button when you want to connect.