Tacklife MTL01 laminator.hot cold plasticizer machine with paper A4, A5, A7, 24h shipping from Spain

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TACKLIFE MTL01 laminator.


TACKLIFE hot and cold plasticizer machine with paper/ABS/10 bags test free, easy to use and powerful-MTL01, A4, A5, A7


We all have a series of documents that are worth keeping safe, but it is also important to protect them from possible damage. These are usually important papers, certificates, work graphs, receipts or even photographs. A good way to maintain the quality of these papers is to plasticize them since in this way they will present an extra hardness and will be isolated from stains, breaks or wear of the ink. On previous occasions we have already published several models of plasticizers, but today we want to talk about the model MTL01 of the House Tacklife.


The MTL01 has two heating modes: Normal papers or photos and a special one for thinner papers (80mic/125mic). In just three minutes we will have it ready for hot plasticizing. The rolling speed is 260 millimeters per minute. Compatible with A4, A5, and A7 formats is estimated to take 30 seconds to print the first. In any case, the roll of the paper will be smooth thanks to its double roll system. The MTL01 also has a special heating system equipped with a heat transfer tube made of pure aluminum and quartz. In case the paper gets stuck we can remove it easily thanks to the ABS function.


Product Description


LaminatorA4 A5 A7 hot and cold laminator

Is a professional group in Amazon, working every day to provide only excellent tools, to improve the quality of their life and work.

This is a multifunctional laminating machine recently developed by, suitable for home, school and office.

◆ Do you want to protect your important documents from dust and stain damage?

◆ Do you want to protect your photos and keep your precious memories?

Can help you do it all.

Why choose this plasticizer?

1. Short heating time, only 3-5 minutes, faster than other products.

2. The rolling speed is 250 mm/min, fast speed and high rolling efficiency.

3. The indifferent hot film is suitable for plasticizer, which can meet your different needs.

4. ABS key: if a paper jam occurs, press the ABS Key to eject the movie with one click.

5. Equipped with a rounded corner cutter: can be used to cut rounded corners and is equipped with three different patterns, you can choose according to your needs.


●Poder: 265W

●Heating Time: 3-5 minutes

●Maximum film thickness: 0.5mm

●Maximum film size: 230mm (A4)

●Coverage range: 80mic-125mic

The package includes:

1 * machine laminator

20 * Laminating bags (8 A4, 8 A5, 6 card bags)

10 * Small photo frames, a set of clips

1 * Power Cable