Tacklife T8 battery starter for cars, motorcycles, 800A and 18000mAh, 24h shipping from Spain

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TACKLIFE T8 battery starter 12V car MOTO 800A 18000mAh LED light.

Tacklife T8-car starter analysis 800A and 18000mAh


In this analysis we will talk about the starterTacklife T8, Marketed asT8sOrT8, A model that was the center of controversy given that its first versions presented a failure in some units launched on the market, which consisted of not exceeding 71% of the load level.


Technically speaking, both versions do not show differences, neither as a starter nor as a power bank, although if we compare the two images of Amazon, we will see how there have been two physical modifications:


  • Change of the LCD screen (in the T8s version the screen has a clear background, with the digits in black)


  • Slight physical modifications to Smart Tweezers


Said this,This analysis is valid for both the version marketed as 't8s' and the version marketed as 't8'Which is the one that appears in the catalog of Amazon uses, that is, it would be only a more recent version, as a "facelift".


As we affirm above, it has features that make it a fairly attractive starter, such as compatibility with the QC 3.0 fast charging protocol or the presence of extras such as a compass or an LCD screen.


Although currently in Europe Tacklife it continues to bet on its classic black/orange color combination, it has recently started to try new combinations that will surely reach the international market.



Features Tacklife T8


Despite the clarification made on this model, we must also emphasize thatIs not the same as the model T8 Max, Which has a greater capacity and peak current.


Also does not have the same specifications as the T8 Mix, Economic range model that cuts some specifications (ex. Reduced capacity 12000mAh, peak current to 500A…).


To avoid confusion, we leave you a comparative table of the modelsTacklifeT8:


ModeloT8 MaxT8T8 mixstream of pico1000A800A500A
Capacidad20000mAh/74Wh18000mAh/66,6Wh10080mAh/44.4 whports of entradaMicro-USB QC3.0 (18W)DC 15WUSB-C 10wwtime reload5h4, 5h4hN ° output ports 332 output ports \ n1x DC + 2x DC USB-A1x + 2x USB-USB-A2x QC3.0 (18W Max) Orange Port: QC3.0 (18W Max) Orange Port: QC3.0 (18W max) dimensiones22, 5x8,5x3 cm18,5x8,7x4 cm16,9x8,2x3,4 cmPeso630g549g408g


The Tacklife T8 has 18000mAh capacity and 800A peak current, making it one of the most powerful models of the brand, however, is still far from the figures handled by its competitors Yaber or Suaoki.


Can therefore be considered asA competitor for best-seller starter.


That does not reach the 20000mAh capacity allows you, worth the redundancy, allow yourself more contained dimensions of18,5x8,7x4 cm, Which is equivalent to a device of8 inch. To this we must add that its weight is549 grams, Quite light for such a device.



One of the most important aspects to take into account with starters is the construction material, since there is a certain risk as it is an operation that requires significant current peaks.


However, as with other models of this and other brands,The user is not specified exactly what the construction composition of the starter is, Likewise, the T8 TacklifeDoes not have an IP certification or some kind of guarantee of water resistance.


On the other hand, we guarantee that theSmart starter clamps are made of metal, Making them more resilient than the rest of their rivals.


This starter has a compass, as well as an LED flashlight that works in three modalities: constant lighting, SOS and strobe mode.


To turn the starter on/off it has a switch.


Also has aBattery level indicator LCD display(In %) and which also acts as a multimeter, since it indicates the voltage (V) and the amperage (A) at which the charging is performed and, in addition, indicates whether it is IN or OUT.


Use as battery starter


TheModel T8 is capable of starting cars with gasoline engine up to 7L and diesel up to 5.5L, So it should be more than useful for any saloon, SUV or inferior models on the market.


We had already commented that Tacklife guaranteed intelligent metal tweezers with a quality superior to the competition, but it is also important to say that this starter has8 security protections:



On the tweezers you will see a button that says BOOST, which, according to the manufacturer, it serves to "force" the start even if the level of charge of the car battery is below the recommended minimum 50%: avoid using this button to avoid taking unnecessary risks.


In the following video you can get an idea both of what the jump starter is like physically and of its effectiveness when it comes to "reviving" batteries:


Use as Power Bank


This starter has aDC input port, but do not worry, since it incorporates the necessary chargerThat recharges it to 15V/1A.


You must know thatMust be the Switch On to charge the starter, if it is OFF it will not recharge your Tacklife T8.


Also has aDC output port, into which the adapter can be connected Included From DC to 12V/10A lighter socket, To which you can connect almost any device you imagine (not too powerful!)*, In the video above, for example, they connected a power inverter.


* Please note that it is designed for car accessories such as vacuum cleaners or compressors.


Account withTwo USB-A output ports, although only one has fast charging Quick Charge 3.0(Identified with the color orange).


Technical specifications


  • Start current: 500A (3s) - 300A (5s)


  • Peak current: 800A


  • Battery capacity: 18000mAh/3,7V (66,6Wh)


  • DC inlet port: 15V/1A


  • DC output port: 12V/10A


  • USB-A output port Quick Charge 3.0: 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A


  • USB-A output port: 5V/2.4A


Box contents



  • 1 x Smart tweezers


  • 1 x DC Charger


  • 1 x DC Charger for Cars


  • 1 x USB-A to micro USB Cable


  • 1 x DC port adapter to lighter socket


  • 1 x Carrying Case


  • 1 x User Manual