Tesvor M2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 6000Pa 22W Suction with Mop Function, 2-in-1 Cleaning Function [Shipping From Germany]

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TESVOR M2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Advanced LiDAR Laser Navigation Technology High Precision in Virtual Maps 22000 Pa Up to 120 Mins


2-in-1 Cleaning Function

Besides the powerful vacuum function, Tesvor M2 robot vacuum cleaner uses state-of-the-art wiping technology and is equipped with a high-quality electronic water pump and an adjustable three-stage water release system, which allows you to clean optimally.

6000Pa Strong Suction

Featured with 6000Pa powerful suction, Tesvor M2 robot vacuum cleaner is capable of powerfully absorbing dirt in a single pass. It is effective and time-saving not only on hard floors, but even on the finest carpets, dirt, and pet hair.

150 Minutes Long Run Time

5200mAh lithium battery can provide an operating time of up to 150 minutes. Thanks to innovative protective measures for long battery operation, the household robot is absolutely safe and very durable. As long as the power of the battery decreases, the robot automatically returns to the charging station to charge itself and maintain its top performance.

Intelligent Gyroscope Navigation

Uses advanced gyroscope navigation to clean your home systematically and thoroughly. Tesvor M2 follows a detailed, efficient "zigzag route" to leave absolutely no spots. Thanks to this newly developed intelligent navigation, the cleaning efficiency of the household robot is enormously increased.

Smart Control via App, Voice, and Remote Control

You can conveniently control the robot via the Tesvo app and choose between five different cleaning modes: Smart Clean, Edge Clean, Spot Clean, Edge Clean, Edge Clean, and Random Clean. In addition, you can also connect the Tesvor M2 via Alexa or Google Home. The robot is also equipped with a remote control that gives you an additional control option.







Brand: Tesvor
Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Model: M2
Color: White


Basic Information:
Navigation: gyroscope navigation 
Route Planning: S-shape planned route cleaning
Max. suction: 6000Pa
Power: 22W
Dustbin Capacity: 600ml
Water Tank Capacity: 350ml
Max Run Time: 150min
Battery: 5200mAh
Max Vacuuming Area: 120sqm
Max Mopping Area: 80sqm
Charging Time: <6 h
Obstacle Crossing Ability: 1.5cm
Noise Level (Balanced Mode): 70dB
Cliff sensors: 6
Filtration Efficiency of Dustbin: E11
Hardware and Design:
simultaneous Vacuuming & Mopping: NO
Pressure Mopping: YES
Detachable Main Brush: YES
Dynamic-speed side Brush: YES
Soft Rubber Padding: YES

Weight & Size

Product Weight: 3.8kg
Package Weight: 5.8kg
Product Size(LxWxH): 33x33x8cm
Package Size(LxWxH): 53.1x35.1x15.2cm 

Package Contents

1 x Robotic vacuum cleaner
1 x Rolling brush
1 x HEPA filter
1 x Water tank
1 x Dustbin
1 x Side brushes
1 x Charging station
1 x Power adapter
1 x Remote control 
1 x User Manual